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Mad Dog Gear® Thumb Assist Pro 80294500

Mad Dog Gear® Thumb Assist Pro

80294500 In Stock
Mad Dog Gear® keeps you in the hunt for all seasons with the most complete line of outdoor wear and gear available.
This Dog Can Hunt
Mad Dog Gear® Thumb Assist Pro Atv Throttle Adapter a707
By extending your ATV throttle and providing multiple thumb positions, these handy assists provide more leverage while using the palm of your hand to apply the throttle. This virtually eliminates a tired or sore thumb after a long day of riding. They have a comfortable ergonomic shape and non-slip surface. Fits all ATVs without modification to the existing throttle tab. Installs in minutes. The Thumb Assist™ Pro Adjustable offers the added versatility in placement for your riding comfort. Lever adjusts toward and away to optimize control for riders with hands of any size.
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