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Rocket Aeroheads Slammerhead Broadheads 3 Pack

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The World's Best

Penetrating & Lethal

Broadheads In Archery Today

Rocket Aeroheads Slammerhead Broadheads 3 Pack
This broadhead was designed for John May.  Slammerhead Broadheads:  90 grains, 1-3/4" cutting diameter, with three 0.027" thick blades. Tipped with the pathfinder point that delivers bone shattering force for increased penetration.
Non-planing, aerodynamic design for "field point" accuracy--angled blades help stabilize arrow flight. Fail-free, lever-action blades open instantly on impact. .030" stainless steel blades with wide 2" cutting diameter for arrow speeds over 220 fps. 3 pack.
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