Innova Boss Champion Tie-dye Driver BOSS TIE-DYE

Innova Boss Champion Tie-Dye Driver
The Champion Boss is the first golf disc to earn a speed rating of 13 from Innova, making it the fastest disc on the market as of October 2008. This disc is not only the fastest, but is also the most wind and torque resistant driver made by Innova. This disc is similar in stability to the Destroyer, only faster. This disc is an excellent choice for players with strong backhands, players who require extra stability for forehand shots, or players looking for a predictable driver for hyzers or overhand shots (like tomahawks).

Grab an awesome-looking tie-dye and get your mojo crankin'!
Product Features:
  • Tie-dyed Innova Champion Plastic
  • Speed 13
  • Glide 5
  • High Speed Turn -1
  • Low Speed Turn +3
Colors will vary.


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