Innova Destroyer DX Driver DESTROYER DX

Innova Destroyer DX  Driver
The Destroyer DX (released in February 2008) is a super fast overstable power disc golf driver for hard-throwing players looking for maximum distance. The Destroyer is so fast, that it is Innova's first ever disc with a speed rating of 12. The Destroyer is described by Innova as being a faster TeeRex, making it a great choice for players with exceptional arm speed, strong forehands, or into strong headwind. The DX plastic Destroyer is made from Innova's entry-level DX plastic, making it a great choice for players who like to age their discs quickly, or for newer players who are looking for their first very over-stable driver.
Product Features:
  • Innova DX Plastic
  • Speed 12
  • Glide 5
  • High Speed Turn -1
  • Low Speed Turn +4
Colors will vary.


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