Pennington Seed Rackmaster Deer Greens 186527

SKU 186527
Pennington's Rackmaster Deer Greens work well by themselves or make a great addition to a mixture.
Pennington Seed Rackmaster Deer Greens 5 lb. Bag 186527
Best For: Deer, Turkey and Rabbit
Ingredients: Annual Rape, Kale, Turnip and Trophy Radishes
Planting Dates: August - October
Rate: 10 lbs. per acre or 1/2 lb. per 1000 sq.ft.
Depth: 1/4" maximum
Description: This mixture will provide an abundant mass of green leafy plants that are very attractive to deer in the fall and winter months. Many hunters will add Deer Greens in small quantities (2 lbs./acre) to a fall mixture of grass and clover to provide a fast growing, attractive component to their mixture. Deer Greens become even more attractive after a frost because the sugar content becomes more concentrated.
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