Happy Jack 5oz. Flea and Tick Powder II 030

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Happy Jack
Happy Jack, Inc - is committed to bringing you great items to treat your pets and keep them healthy.  They treat a variety of pet problems and offer solutions that work.
Happy Jack 5oz. Flea and Tick Powder II 030

Happy Jack's Flea & Tick Powder has just been reformulated to provide quick killing action and residual control of fleas and ticks on dogs for up to 14 days. Our new formula is odorless, non-staining and very effective against the ticks that may cause Lyme Disease.  Flea & Tick Powder may also be used to dust the bedding, kennel, sleeping quarters, carpeting and furniture used by infested animals on a regular basis.  For area dusting, apply at a rate of 3-6 ounces for every 100 square feet.  Use as often as once per week.

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