IIT 3ft Folding Pick Up Tool 02600IIT

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IIT 3ft Folding Pick Up Tool 02600IIT
This is the perfect tool to use for those hard to reach items around the house or in the yard. You can store and access containers, bottles or cans in you kitchen or pantry easily with this flexible pick-up tool. This tool makes it easy to reach tools, paint or other items in the garage or shed. Use it outdoors to pick up litter or fallen leaves, remove debris from your pool, pond or fountain, or pick fruit from your trees or the ground. You will no longer have to bend down to reach something or get on a stepladder to reach those high shelves in your home. This claw pick-up tool can grab and hold small items and it reduces hand, arm, back and knee strain with this claw garden tool. Make cleaning easier and safer with this amazing claw grabber
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