Lexol Neatsfoot Formula Spray Bottle

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Lexol sets the standard for keep
Lexol sets the standard for keeping leather soft, supple and full of life.
Lexol Neatsfoot Formula Spray Bottle
LEXOL-nf is a unique neatsfoot formula which offers the user superior conditioning and lubricating qualities without the many performance disadvantages inherent in traditional neatsfoot oil and other such raw oils. The limited, yet time-honored, virtues of neatsfoot as a "bulk lubricant" have been refined by scientific methods resulting in this modern, state-of-the-art lubricant suitable for conditioning and preserving even the finest leather.
The oils in Lexol-nf have been "solubilized" through a process of chemical alteration which enables them to penetrate easily into the leather, bond themselves to the fibers. The translucent amber oils in LEXOL-nf mix freely with water, a unique capability that makes the product equally useful on wet or dry leather.
In contrast, traditional neatsfoot oil cannot penetrate wet leather. Even when applied to dry leather, ordinary neatsfoot and other "raw" or unmodified oils have little affinity for leather fibers. Rather such oils remain free to spread taking the line of least resistance through and out of the leather -unable to bond to the fibers, indiscriminately migrating into inlays, clothing, or other materials.
In summary, LEXOL-nf is a unique neatsfoot formula you can use on your finest leather. It leaves no greasy, oily after-feel, no sticky residue to trap dirt in the leather and discolor clothing, no "oil feedback" to leave the surface tacky. The solubilized lubricants in LEXOL-nf penetrate easily into wet or dry leather-actually bond themselves to the fibers to maintain strength, flexibility, and durability. LEXOL-nf imparts a warm, smooth satin finish to the leather… doesn't darken light colored leather.
Available in 16.9 Ounce (1/2 Liter) Spray Bottle.
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