Natural Chemistry Stain And Odor Eliminator 16.9oz

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Natural Chemistry De Flea® Pet S
Natural Chemistry Stain And Odor Eliminator 16.9oz
Eliminates stains and odors permanently! A stain or odor problem is like an iceberg. The source of the stain or odor is often hidden beneath the surface (i.e., the under-pad or flooring). Unlike competitive products that mask odors temporarily, Natural Chemistry safely combats the root of the problem -- making the home a healthier place to be.  16.9oz
Safe for People, Pets and the Planet: Enzymes are complex protein molecules that promote the rapid progress of nearly every chemical reaction essential to life. In nature, enzymes decompose organic material by breaking it down to its original components, such as carbon dioxide and water. Stain & Odor Eliminator uses trillions of natural enzymes and co-enzymes to break down stains and odors entirely. It dissolves organic matter from pet accidents, blood, food and beverages quickly and easily. The biodegradable formula will not harm or discolor carpets or upholstery, or irritate sensitive skin, eyes or noses. Better yet, it's easy to use and requires no rinsing!
  • Safe for people and pets
  • All Natural
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy to use
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